Q: Why is Dr. McBabe’s the smart option for a treadmill desk?

A: Among the many reasons Dr. McBabe’s Walking Desk is the smart option is our unique design not only accommodates all categories of function, it exceeds expectations because it is so simple; therefore portable and affordable for anyone to be able to use & enjoy.

Q: What is a walking desk; treadmill desk; or fitness desk?

A: We call it a walking desk because it is meant for walking and not running; and it is among the emerging trend of treadmill desks.A walking desk is desirable to various fitness levels or generations; and most walkers will be able to accomplish some if not all of the tasks typically done at a seated desk while slowly walking. Dr. McBabe’s Walking Desk is a uniquely simple desk surface that’s portable design allow it to be adapted to virtually any treadmill.

Q: Is walking on a treadmill any different from walking on the steady ground?

A: Walking on a treadmill is different from walking on ground (i.e. terra firma) because the ground is moving forcing you to react and move yourself in order to maintain your position. The ground continues moving until you press “stop” therefore you have to keep moving; and that motion must always be done with the hips square to the front of the treadmill and in the direction of the moving tread. Once you begin to rotate your trunk, or even stretch laterally side-to-side, you disrupt the proper alignment of the hips, which will almost instantly cause the walker to lose balance, stumble and sadly become the faller. If you are not familiar or comfortable walking on a treadmill – practice before involving things that require your eyes and/or hands.

Q: “Dr. McBabe’s desk is not even 3 feet wide, why would I not want a larger work area?”

A: Walking on a motorized treadmill requires hips positioned forward in the same direction the tread is moving. It is advised that you limit lateral and rotational motions while walking; either could disrupt the position of the hips causing the walker to lose balance, stumble and sadly become the faller. Because the desk does not impede access to the console, you can incorporate the console and its compartments as desk space.

Q: Can I access the console of my treadmill?

A: Dr. McBabe’s walking desk can be attached to most treadmills without obstructing the console or emergency STOP features(s).

Q: Where do I put my hands if there is a desk on the handlebars?

A: Having secured the desk to the treadmill with the straps provided, the desk or even laptop becomes the handlebar and where hands are placed while walking.

Q: Can the desk be used while running?

A: We strongly advise you NOT use the desk while running; the desk limits your space some and running requires the use of arms making a desk obtrusive and not practical. The treadmill can be adapted for running by removing the straps, then store the desk anywhere.

Q: I can type or read something while walking?

A: Yes, many tasks that were typically done seated at a desk can be replicated with the same proficiency while standing or even walking on a treadmill. People seem to have a constant need to multi-task; and most adults regardless of age, gender, or fitness level are coordinated enough to move feet, hands, and eyes all at the same time.

Q: Who is Dr. McBabe?

A: Laurie McCabe, founder of Dr. McBabe’s Fitness Products, earned her PhD in organizational leadership and human resources development from Regent University in 2012 after spending 18 months writing an entire doctoral dissertation while walking 3 mph. Laurie has been studying while on exercise equipment for 20 years beginning with studies in manufacturing engineering followed by business. McBabe was a recurring nickname going back to high school, continuing through college and beyond. The dissertation is available online for those interested in the behavior of entrepreneurs: “The human values of entrepreneurship: An empirical analysis of the human values of social and traditional entrepreneurs”.

Q: Are desks available for other styles of cardio equipment?

A: Yes, patents have been filed to equip other styles of equipment with a desk; prototypes are continually being tested. We want to hear from you what equipment you prefer to use and what you have access to. Please visit www.facebook.com/drmcbabe or write desks@drmcbabe.com