Product Detail

Dr. McBabe’s Fitness Desk, treadmill edition, is a portable (34″Wx16″D) option that will transform any treadmill into functional work space. The standard desk weighs less than 4 pounds and is easily affixed to most make/model of treadmill. An enhanced version features a stand to lift the laptop, tablet, or paperback media to an elevated height.

Dr. McBabe’s walking (treadmill) desk is contoured to the treadmill and walker. The handles on the outer edges are useful for carrying the desk; and they align with the handlebars of the treadmill and the hook-and-loop straps are fed through to secure the desk to the treadmill. The surface is reversible; and because it is easily removed, the desk can be used as a writing surface in a chair because it is wide enough to rest on the arms of a chair. The no-slip rubber surface helps prevent items from sliding off as a result of vibrations.

The rubber surface helps the desk absorb vibrations that occur as a result of walking and typing. Unlike other style desks available in the market, no walker has ever complained about vibrations causing the desk to wobble. Our desk is quick and easy to secure; and the entire system is coupled together such that the vibrations that do occur, are easily dissipated – but in the meantime, actually allow for better visual access to your desk. As you walk you rest your hands on the laptop for the sake of typing, which is supported by the desk – this also helps to balance you and it couples you together with what you are looking at. As your feet move, your body moves, head and hands; and because the desk moves just enough, the laptop monitor or book move with you making it easier to visually fixate. Walkers continue to report it is easier to read while using Dr. McBabe’s Walking desk than a static treadmill or other treadmill desks.

For users 5’9″ and taller,we suggest you try a stand to lift your laptop to the appropriate height for typing and viewing. We resell 2 brands of lifts that are ideal in different situations. If you are trying to accommodate users of various heights (i.e. through 6’6″) and do not anticipate transporting the (7 lbs) stand often, we recommend the Kensington Adjustable Laptop Stand.

If you are relying on the portability of Dr. McBabe’s Walking Desk, you might prefer to use a lift that is lightweight and easy to transport. The Griffin laptop elevator stand weighs less than 3 pounds; disassembles quickly into 3 separate pieces; and despite the fact it provides only one height, it has been tested and approved by people of various heights (5’4 – 6’2″).